AR02 Portable Folding Ramp

Enhanced lightweight & comfortable

DUNLOP’s latest and lightest portable folding ramp, AR02, is now available on the market. This new AR02 series is aimed at providing a more comfortable user experience by reducing the shock when entering the ramp, as well as better maintainability and enhanced durability while maintaining the lightest weight in the industry. The series can now be used for narrow doorways, with the width being under 70cm. 7 lengths available for you to adapt to different environments. It is made in Japan and Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) recognises its safety, reliability and durability.

GO01 Portable Folding Ramp

Compact & Lightweight Threefold Portable Ramp is available

DUNLOP's economical portable folding ramp series GO01 consists of two types of folding: regular shell fold and versatile threefold. Both types provide the widest running surface out of all other series and are best suited for power wheelchairs and mobility scooters for seniors. The threefold type might be the best choice for individuals to bring along with them when traveling, because it is compact and lightweight. Glass fiber makes a strong, easy to carry and highly durable portable ramp possible.

GO01 Series - Portable Folding Ramp

LS01 Portable Folding Ramp

Trustworthy & Light Portable Wheelchair Ramp

The LS01 is a best-selling standard product not only because of its 74cm width but also the special core material that is made with a high ratio of CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic). It is compliant with Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) ensuring its high quality. This is the best selling portable folding ramp in the Asia region out of all of the series. DUNLOP LS01 has been highly rated as light and easy-to-use product by the Association for Technical Aids in Japan and was the first portable ramp to be accredited to JIS assuring its quality.

LS01 Series - Portable Folding Ramp

MN01 PVC Threshold Ramp

DUNLOP's First PVC Threshold Ramp

DUNLOP's newly developed DUNLOP MN01 threshold ramp with its superb performance for stability and maintenance helps you to get rid of the inconvenience caused by steps. You can use both indoors and outdoors to fit your needs. A wide range of sizes is available from 1cm to 6cm in height to create a barrier-free environment.

PR01 Portable Folding Ramp

Satisfactory barrier-free solutions for Japanese Railways

With excellent features specially developed to enhance the accessibility provided by public transport systems, DUNLOP PR01 series portable folding ramps are widely adopted from hi-end luxury trains, bullet trains and subways within Japan's mass transportation system to cater for the needs of the provision of the barrier-free facility. Since the bullet train doors vary from one train to another, we found that one type was impossible to use to address all different needs. That’s why we engineered a metal piece attached to the upper end of the ramp which hooks onto the door rail for better stability. Our experienced, detail-oriented creation and technology enables us to fit each customer with unique adaptability.

PR01 Series - Portable Folding Ramp

About DUNLOP Portable Folding Ramps

Ever since our very first portable wheelchair ramp Dun-Slope released in 2001, we have thrived on continuous product development with our innovative ideas, advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail. Your safety is highly valued. We devote ourselves to providing you safe, reliable and comfortable portable folding ramps that correspond to your needs to pursue a barrier-free, easily accessible environment.

After the launch of the weight reducing series called Dun-Slope Lite in 2002, Dun-Slope Lite SLIM R-285SL with a narrower width was released in 2011. The products are highly reputed as being light-weight, safe, durable and effortless maintained by consumers and nursing care providers. Apart from Scandinavia, this series has been popular in South Asian countries such as South Korea and Hong Kong. Numerous well-known international banks are our prestigious clients. It is our great honour to be given orders repeatedly. Currently, six models in different lengths are available to suit various needs with the brand name being changed from Dun-Slope to Dun-Slope in 2019.

DUNLOP AR01 is made from specially designed and high-quality carbon fibre, the same material used in race cars and the aviation industry. The advanced technology is also being utilized to design a light-weight and highly-robust hollow structure. These make our DUNLOP AR01 series the lightest folding ramp in the industry. (When comparing 7 sizes of DUNLOP AR01 (100-285cm length) to other company ramps of similar sizes on sale in Japan (in-house survey, August 2017)). Its width is even narrower than LS01 which means DUNLOP AR01 can be more versatile and expected to be used in smaller space.

The latest portable folding ramp is DUNLOP GO01 series, the most travel-friendly ramp with the most compact one only 47cm in length with 2.5kg. Ramp under 85cm long can be stored in a sophisticated carrying bag which can be attached to the back of the wheelchair, allowing users to travel anywhere with the ramp and make places more accessible than they were before. With its unique fibreglass material, durability, lightness and strength are overwhelming advantages. Our wide products range from 47cm in tri-fold type to 205cm in shell-fold, and we are confident we have at least one ramp available to satisfy your demands.

We care about you and understand your needs. We know public transportation can be a challenge when travelling.The gap between the train cabin and platform, the protrusion part of the door rail or the connection between the jet bridge and aircraft could be an obstacle to wheelchair users. This was the reason that we have developed a portable ramp series, DUNLOP PR01, for eliminating the difficulties of public transportation. Leveraging the know-how from developing Lite SLIM, DUNLOP PR01 can address dissimilar needs with detail-oriented and customized designs to win the trust of numerous railway companies in Japan and overseas.



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