DUNLOP LS01 Portable Folding Ramps X Hotel Restaurant

Hong Kong Café/Restaurant

In Hong Kong, many hotels have steps in lobby entrances, restaurants and other places to match the design. While highlighting the different styles of the hotel, it also creates obstacles for wheelchair users or elderly people with limited mobility. Given this, a five-star hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, owned by an internationally knowledged hotel group, adopted a DUNLOP portable folding ramp as one of the barrier-free facilities to improve the guest’s stay and dining experience and further enhance the quality service. It is used by customers in the restaurant. We are very pleased to provide the hotel industry with the DUNLOP portable folding ramp as a solution. I hope that travellers from all over the world can experience the safety, reliability and lightness of the DUNLOP portable folding ramp in addition to the service at home in the hotel.

DUNLOP LS01 Portable Folding Ramp
Using DUNLOP Portable Folding Ramp in restaurant

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