Smooth Gloves

Low Friction Smoothly Sliding Gloves

Smooth Gloves are one of our sliding products designed for sliding transfers and repositioning. The product is in gloves shaped for easy insertion of hands underneath patients to reduce strain on caregivers. The material of Smooth Gloves is polyolefin resin film with low friction, high tear strength and high durability. Although the product is designed as a one-off, you can use it repeatedly and disinfect it with alcohol before use.

Smooth Sheet

Easy & safe sliding sheet for easy positioning

Smooth and slippery polyolefin resin sliding sheets facilitate easy positioning and effortless gliding. This sheet type is multi-functional and you can fold it in half to use to slide between each other to further reduce the friction. Our Smooth Sheet is an ideal product for both caregivers and care receivers. Benefiting from the low friction of the Smooth Sheet, it not only helps to reduce discomfort for patients but also provides caregivers with a way to reduce stress and prevent injuries when moving or repositioning patients in beds or wheelchairs. Three different sizes are available to cater to your various needs.

Square Air Cushion

Square Air Cushion provides enhanced sitting stability

DUNLOP square-shaped air cushion could be inflated to whether hard or soft compressive strength according to your needs.

U-shaped Air Cushion

Excellent Pressure Relief Air Cushion for Your Tail Bones

DUNLOP U-shaped inflatable air cushion provides superb partial body pressure dispersion such as for anus and tail bone.

Water Cooling Pillow

Must-have water cooling pillow in every Japanese household

It is particularly suitable for patient who has fever or cannot sleep well in summer time. A soft support and comfortable water-cooling pillow might assist you to have excellent quality of sleep every night. The stability of DUNLOP water-cooling pillow is enhanced throughout the unique structure. A user-friendly and durable metal clip is included. Unlike instant ice pack or gel pack, DUNLOP water-cooling pillow helps lowering body temperature gradually without shocks or unpleasant feeling bought by rapid decrease of temperature.


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