DUNLOP Products introduce a wide lineup including DUNLOP portable folding ramps which eliminate the barriers from steps and other health care products to facilitate your life.

DUNLOP product lines include DUNLOP portable folding ramps to eliminate the barriers to health care products to make your life easier. Sumitomo Rubber Industrial Ltd. has helped develop the health and nursing-care field with technology that emerged in the creation of various items. From water pillows and hot-water bottles to portable folding ramps, we provide a wide range of products that have been developed with direct input from consumers.

As a leading manufacturer of portable folding ramps, we are committed to providing safe and reliable wheelchair ramps to satisfy wheelchair users and caregivers’ needs. We have been able to utilize our weight reduction, safety, security and design technologies to develop the DUNLOP AR01, the lightest ramp in the industry in Japan. To support all needs, we provide a variety of folding ramps in different materials, characteristics and sizes that enable people with special needs as well as seniors to enjoy free movement safely. The DUNLOP AR01 is accredited by the Japan Industry Standard (JIS), a confirmation of its reliability. The DUNLOP LS01, PR01 and GO01 are compliant with the portable wheelchair ramp durability of the JIS standard T9207. For further details of the test report, please contact us directly.

Apart from portable ramps, DUNLOP is devoted to developing nursing care products such as slide sheets and slide gloves called Smooth Sheet and Smooth Gloves respectively to cater to the needs of caregivers and to make their work effortless. The slippery material helps to reduce friction that not only makes the repositioning of patients virtually painless but also reduces discomfort for patients with limited mobility.

Contributing to our community, we have brought many highly rated products to the people we care about, and we will continue to focus on ways to enhance product quality to provide more, better and breakthrough products to accommodate everyone.


The lightest, most reliable portable wheelchair ramp in the industry in Japan.

Lightest in the industry in Japan. Your reliable and safe portable folding ramps are compliant with JIS standard in various criteria such as its maximum load, slip resistance, life cycle, etc.. Product quality is strictly assured.


We care and accommodate you with our highly praised products.

DUNLOP keeps close to your life and adheres to our basic philosophy to develop 'more comfortable' and 'even better' products for consumers.


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