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We are always striving to be the safest and lightest portable ramp for wheelchairs. We manufactured carbon fibre reinforced plastic to the portable wheelchair ramp for the first time in history and have had tremendous success in practical application as a light, durable, and reliable product. Boasting the top market share in Japan, “DUNLOP” became a common name for any portable ramp used for wheelchairs.
We believe lightweight is the greatest value for welfare equipment. It can make use easier for caregivers and care recipients as well. Of course, we will never sacrifice safety. Our products have acquired a high safety certificate called

JIS T 9207:2015, Japanese Industrial Standard.

But we don’t just provide you with equipment. We can design complete solutions matched to your current needs.
We are specialists that eliminate all steps anywhere. And we have a desire within us to ease all nursing care.
We’re always focusing on developing and improving products to make the world even better. At the same time, we’re very conscious of our responsibilities to society and the environment as a member of Sumitomo Rubber Industries group.
If you have trouble with steps, the first thing you must do is to contact us. You can rely on our service and solution mindset.

DUNLOP Portable Folding Ramps

The lightest, most reliable portable wheelchair ramp in the industry.

Lightest in the industry. Your reliable and safe portable wheelchair ramp is compliant with JIS standard in different criterias such as its maximum load of up to 300kg.

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DUNLOP is integral to your life and adheres to our basic philosophy to develop 'more comfortable' and 'even better' products for consumers.


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