NEW Product Release- DUNLOP Portable Folding Ramp AR02

Date. 2020/10/23 News

The New Release of DUNLOP AR02, providing you with the most comfortable user experience ever before

DUNLOP Portable Folding Ramp AR02

We are delighted to announce DUNLOP’s latest portable folding ramp, AR02, will be on the market on 2 November 2020. This new AR02 series is aimed at providing a more comfortable user experience by reducing the shock when entering the ramp, as well as better maintainability and enhanced durability while maintaining the lightest weight in the industry. The series can now be used for narrow doorways, with the width being under 70cm. 7 lengths available for you to adapt to different environments.

Product Features
1. Easy to carry thanks to its lightweight design
2. Minimize impact when riding on the slope of a wheelchair *1
Assistance is easier
3. Suitable for use in narrow doorway that the width of all sizes of the
ramps is under 70cm *2
4. Even simpler to maintain or repair *2

*1 Reduces the deflection when riding on the ramp by up to 10%
 (compared to our current products)
*2 Comparison with our current products

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