How to clean DUNLOP portable folding ramp?

Date. 2020/07/17 News

DUNLOP portable folding ramp is easy and convenient to provide with better accessibility in various scenarios. Most of the time, the portable ramp is used outdoors or in public areas. During this pandemic to fight the virus, keeping our hands clean is one way to prevent infection. It is also advised to keep our belongings clean as well. You may wonder if your DUNLOP portable ramp is washable or how to clean it after use. We are going to show you steps on how to sanitise our portable folding ramp. This method is applicable to all DUNLOP portable folding ramp series.

Step 1: Washing

Wash with water with a soft cleaning brush or car wash brush. You may use household detergent with soft brush to remove any oily stains. Please avoid using thinner or stronger acids and/or alkaline chemicals.

 Do not use strong acid and/or alkaline detergent that may accelerate the deterioration of the rubber parts. if there are stubborn oily stains cannot be removed with detergent, please add lacquer diluting solution available on the market on a cloth and wipe it lightly.

Step 2: Sanitising

Spray ethyl alcohol (ethanol) in a mist and use a soft cleaning brush or cloth to disinfect.

Please do not disinfect the ramp with ozone. Both the rubber on the ends and the paint will deteriorate. The heat resistant temperature of the ramp is 60 ℃. Please do not sterilise it by heating it above 60 ℃.

Step 3: Neutralise

Neutralise it with a wet cleaning brush or wash directly with water.

Step 4: Drying

Unfold the ramp and let it dry at room temperature for about half a day. Avoid using drying chamber.

It is not necessary to dehydrate. Please do not use tire wax on any rubber parts on both ends. The wax makes the rubber parts slippery, which can be dangerous to use.

Last but not least, Stay Safe, Stay Strong and Stay Positive.

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