DunlopAR01 Portable Folding Ramp

DUNLOP AR01 Series Portable Folding Ramp | R-285A-E

This new extra-long model is now available. The maximum applicable height difference is 70cm.

Feature Detail
Product Name DUNLOP AR01 Series Portable Folding Ramp | R-285A-E
Length 285cm
Width when in use : 71 cm
effective width : 69.8 cm
when folded : 35.4 cm
Thickness when folded 11 cm
Weight Approx. 11 kg
Side wall height : 3.0 cm
width : 0.3 cm
Maximum load 300 kg
Material Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
Rise(1:12) 23 cm or below


The Lightest in the World* *When comparing seven sizes of DUNLOP AR01 (100-285cm) to other company ramps of similar sizes for sale in Japan. (In-house survey, August 2017) DUNLOP AR01 is exclusively designed and produced in Japan which is apparent in the distinctive characteristics of Japan products, which are great quality, thoughtful design and sophisticated appearance. DUNLOP AR01 uses carbon fibre composite with a unique pattern that was jointly developed with Toray, a well-known leading manufacturer of carbon fibre composite materials, to upgrade the strength. The hollow structure was developed to accomplish a lightweight but highly robust product. DUNLOP AR01 is notably suitable for narrow spaces or home care. Enhanced versatility, lighter, safer and extra-long length covers all of your needs. DUNLOP AR01 is accredited to JIS (Japan Industry Standard), a confirmation of its safety, quality and reliability.


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